Asaad Allah Masa’akom Describes Everyone’s Sahel Struggle in Hilarious New Season

Yes, yes and one more yes! Asaad Allah Masa’akom is finally back with a new season and their episode is already viral. The best comedy show on TV, decided to talk about the one thing that everyone was obsessed with this summer, El Sahel.

From a fully booked coast to ridiculously expensive outings and not being able to get into places for not knowing the right people, the show that never goes wrong summed up our Sahel struggle twice.


Getting a Sahel visa

The scene hilariously describes how difficult it is to get in places like Hacienda and Marassi. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t made up names at the gates to get in? Bakri Kabakibi, just like everyone else, couldn’t keep the mahragan inside.



Comparing Marassi to public beaches


Akram Hosny is clearly miserable with people swimming in their clothes. He demands bikinis, neon boy shorts his size and a beach without kalaseen. The guy clearly needs Marassi.


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