7 Moments that Proved “Asaad Allah Masa’akom” Is the Best Show on TV


I believe in the power of Egyptian comedy. Every once in a while I come across something exceptionally hilarious and I become obsessed.

My latest obsession would be “اسعد اللة مسائكم” – a TV show based on the fictional character Sayed Abo Hafiza played by the comedic genius Akram Hosny.

Yet this show isn’t just about Akram Hosny’s talent, it is packed with gifted and funny young comedians, who make fun of everything happening in the country. This show, hands down, has the best script writers.

If you find yourself too depressed with all the daily TV brutality we are exposed to, just watch one episode and you will die with a smile on your face.

These are the 7 most hilarious moments on the show that proved it is the best thing on TV:


When Raafat El-Hagan was rehearsing for a job interview




When the whole country decided to break up on Valentine’s Day




When Khaled Aggag mourned the rise in cigarettes’ prices




When Avatars’ Na’vi left Pandora and came to Egypt




When Reham Saeed interviewed a possessed young man




When Mohamed Mounir tried to cheat in an exam




When three men couldn’t believe an Egyptian would die of natural causes



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