Why Arabs Are The Sexiest People Alive

I believe in Arab beauty and sensuality. While some might think Italians and Spaniards rule the sexy reign, I beg to differ. Here are just some of the beautiful features that set Arabs apart from everyone else:



Sharp features



Our dark facial features give off a sense of sensuality and mystery. Think estranged desert warrior. Add to that women’s impressive eye make-up skills that accentuate every facial feature and you end up with a wild tigress.



The eyebrows



It’s true that most women nowadays know how to tattoo the perfect eyebrow that emphasizes their facial beauty, yet many go natural and embrace their naturally thick eyebrows that perfectly suits their dark facial features. No one works the thick bushy eyebrow like Arabs and Cara Delevingne.



Skin tone



The natural, year-long sun-kissed look has been known to drive the fair-skinned insane. Needless to say, the time Arabs spend in the sun each summer gives them a glow that hides all kinds of skin problems.



Voluminous hair



We have the best hairdressers in the world who are unmatched in the U.S. or any European country you visit. Even if you are not one of the many Arabs with voluminous, out-of-this-world curls, you will have no issues nailing the most luscious waves you can dream of. The magic of Arab hairdressers is real.



Sense of rhythm



Everyone knows how to dance. Have you ever seen an Arab incapable of some serious belly dance choreography? Be it children, women or men, we are natural born artists and we have a rhythm gene that is missing in most everyone else.



Sense of humor



A laid-back attitude along with our ability to make fun of everything at any time no matter what hardship we are facing is the epitome of sexy.



Killer curves



While most Arabs might not have that classic, slim, supermodel look, we have killer curves that just need a little toning at the gym rather than plastic reinforcements.



Alpha men



Think Roshdy Abaza, Omar Sharif, Ahmed Mazhar, Ahmed Ramzy, Shokry Sarhan, Adel Adham and then sigh!



That testosterone



A mustache and beard that are unmatched and unrivaled.



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