Ad-Dicted: Juhayna Yoghurt


I have to say I am a fan of the new Juhayna TVC’s for their Plain Yoghurt.

Playing on the whole parental ideology of “drinking your milk and eating your yoghurt, helps you grow up strong and healthy” has been taken to a whole new level in these ads.

Take for example the little boy, who eats his yoghurt and happens to turn into a lion (every mans dream no?) Especially when it means he gets to get back at his parents! The beauty of it, is the unexpected turn the ad takes when the kid actually turns into a lion and scares the bejesus out of his parents!

Scenario number 2! Little boy wants to grow up and become a footballer, who else would he turn into other than Egyptian great himself Mohamed Barakat!

Again the unexpected turn the ad takes, in which the little boy turns into Barakat, and shocks the father is what seals the deal!


We Said This: For an Egyptian brand that always chose to play it safe, we’re happy to see them push the envelope a little bit.