Rami Malek as Mo Salah: Will Our Favorite Egyptian Actor Take On the Role of the Legendary Footballer?

The Egyptian football sensation Mohamed Salah is always making headlines, either through his career achievements, the countless awards he receives or through his publications in the media. Recently, Sky Sports hosted their regular fan Q&A session with Mo Salah, and luckily for us, he had so much to reveal in the fun 10-minute interview, including that we could one day see Egyptian Actor Rami Malek as Mo Salah!

As the host read out the questions he received from the fans to Salah, out of 10,000 questions, there was one that really stood out, “Which actor would play you in a film about your life?” Although Salah explained that he hasn’t thought about it or considered it yet and that he’s “enjoying the moment” by focusing on football at the moment, when the interviewer suggested the Egyptian-American Oscar-winning Rami Malek, Salah agreed and said that he would be fit for the role, especially since he knows the Egyptian culture too.

via Zahma

Mo Salah and Rami Malek previously met in New York during celebrations for US magazine Time’s 100 most influential people around the world, where the magazine named Salah and Malik in the 2019 list under the ‘Titans’ category.

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