Abu Dhabi Police to Use AI Technology to Spot Mobile Phone and Seatbelt Violators

In recent years, Abu Dhabi Police has been one of the most technologically advanced entities in the Middle East. So it’s no surprise that starting January 2021, Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), in collaboration with Abu Dhabi Police will implement a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that spots motorists who are not wearing seat belts, using mobile phones, breaking traffic rules, or engaging in reckless driving.

The system, which is called the Vehicular Attention and Safety Tracker (VAST) system, aims to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all road users safe; drivers, and passengers. By capturing high-resolution images of the violators using AI cameras, drivers who are detected not wearing their seatbelt or using their mobile phones while driving will receive a text message of their violation and can face fines.

Unfortunately, drivers in the UAE are often accustomed to speeding, not using indicators, and most commonly texting while driving. The new system contributes to the emirate’s efforts to completely transform into a digital government while spreading awareness and educating drivers on the importance of safe driving.

The project was announced at the GITEX Technology Week at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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