Montaji: The Dubai-Based App Verifying Product Safety and Authenticity During COVID-19

Via Catchoom

The 25th edition of the anticipated Dubai Shopping Festival is set to kick off this month, and Montaji is here to make your shopping easier and safer. The festival contributed to Dubai emerging as one of the top tourist destinations in the world thanks to its reputation as a prime shopping destination. The malls attract millions of visitors with annual shopping festivals and big discounts every year, making up for 27% of UAE’s GDP.

A new challenge that retailers are going to face to bring consumers back to the store, which is to address COVID-related fears. Dubai Municipality has recommended its app Montaji, which lets shoppers verify the authenticity of products, amid a slew of safety measures.

Montaji is facing a tough challenge with more than 8,000 retail shops selling apparel, cosmetics, electronics, and goods for daily use and has listings of more than 250,000 reliable products. Moreover, people can use Montaji to alert Dubai’s authorities about items which aren’t registered on its database. The app also is very simple to use for the merchants, as they’ll get to register products within just four minutes!

The app will definitely help fight any fake products or cheap knockoffs. Police in the city have seized fake products, including cosmetics and phones worth AED8.9 billion in the past five years. Montaji is a critical tool that will put an end to this issue and help all consumers verify the safety and legitimacy of their products.

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