Meet the UAE’s Extraordinary Nine-Year-Old Global Ambassador, Lamia Tariq Malallah

The youngest Emirati and only gymnast to win the Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Award for Creative Sports, Lamia Tariq Malallah just struck another win by becoming one of the eight extraordinary talented kids worldwide in a global youth talent campaign. As part of the Extraordinary Me campaign, a short film has been released mainly focusing on Lamia’s everyday training sessions at the Dubai Youth Olympic School.

Lamia said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the campaign as it gives me the ability to reach out to the worldwide audience. This short film is about my daily life, dedication, hard work, and wanting to reach the goal of being the first Emirati to compete in gymnastics in the Youth Olympics in 2026. Even if one child is motivated, then I know that I have made a difference,” adding, “This year has not been easy and even more so for kids as their lives changed drastically. But if you have a strong goal, it will give you a purpose to be stronger and work harder,”

Lamia’s mother said to reporters in a statement that the campaign will further strengthen Lamia’s position worldwide as an athlete from the UAE since not everyone is familiar with the concept of females of Arab decent becoming athletes.

WE SAID THIS: You can watch the short film on Nickelodeon HD channel, and website.