A Full Recap Of The Jordan-U.S. Summit At The White House

The ongoing catastrophe taking place in Gaza, including the attacks on Rafah, one of the only remaining places of refuge for the Palestinian people, is indicative of how the genocide is still a remaining disaster that’s only worsening by the day.

Against this backdrop, two global leaders who’ve been in a strategic partnership for over 75 years came together on Monday to address the catastrophe and seek a solution. His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan met with President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss the ongoing crisis.

The Situation In Rafah

King Abdullah II immediately placed a lens on the most critical problem occurring in Gaza, which is Israel’s attack on Rafah. A million people have been pushed to Rafah, and so he said that an Israeli attack on Rafah “will produce another humanitarian catastrophe.”

The issue is that Israel has already begun attacking Rafah with airstrikes and is planning on taking things further with an on-ground invasion.

King Abdullah’s Proposed Solution

Seeking an end to the ongoing genocide, King Abdullah proposed several solutions, including coming together with Arab partners and the international community to boost efforts in reaching a ceasefire in Gaza.

He also wants to push for a 2-state solution that will lead to an “independent, sovereign, and viable Palestinian state.” Along with the ceasefire, he wants to ensure a safe delivery of aid to Gaza.

On ending his remarks, he directed a few words to the president, saying, “Your leadership, Mr. President, is key to addressing this conflict.”

Biden’s Hostage Deal

When it came to President Biden, although he doesn’t believe that a ceasefire is the solution, he did discuss a proposed hostage deal.

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Biden added that he and Abdullah discussed “a hostage deal between Israel and Hamas, which would bring an immediate and sustained period of calm into Gaza, for at least six weeks, which we could then take the time to build into something more enduring.”

The overall meeting once again brimmed with proposed solutions and deals, yet nothing is set in stone. We’ll have to see in the following days what actions will be taken toward Rafah and the Gaza genocide at large.

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