13 Real Struggles of a Middle East Heat Wave

Every year summer rolls around, we here in the Middle East make a huge deal about how unbearable the weather is. People migrate to their summerhouses and local beaches to escape the scorching heat and suffocating humidity.

However, I think we can safely say that this summer has the craziest weather we’ve ever experienced in the region so far. Suffering from a good ol’ Middle East heat wave is a real struggle.

Here are only a few of the crazy things we experience every day:

1. You have to turn your car AC on and stand outside waiting for about an hour and a half before the car is human-friendly again


2. Touching the car’s wheel becomes harder than walking on hot coals


3. Don’t even dream of leaving your lipstick in the car because it will melt into nothingness

4. Hell, hand breaks and cell phones melt in there!

5. And leave your lighter in there at your own risk! Because it will explode harder then Burj Khalifa’s New Year’s fireworks


6. You sweat from parts of your body you never knew you could sweat from before


7. That’s why being in a crowded public place is your worst nightmare. The smell could actually kill flowers, people!


8. You think a bad hair day is a nightmare? Try having 3+ months of bad hair!


9. There’s no point in wearing makeup because you’re gonna sweat it all off, anyway


10. You take your car or a cab to go to your friend’s house, which is only a seven-minute walk away, with absolutely no shame

Even the street animals would take an air-conditioned taxi if they could!
Even the street animals would take an air-conditioned taxi if they could!

11. You’ve seriously contemplated leaving the house buck naked at least a couple of times


12. If you live in a humid city and you wear glasses, you’re done for! Because you get greeted by a thick layer of fog on them every time you step out


13. And sometimes you could swear that there’s no oxygen left in the atmosphere because it’s all pretty much water vapor


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