The 9 Stages of Women’s Hair on a Humid Day

If there is one thing women agree on, it is their absolute hate for humidity. It is such an evil force; it ruins relationships and ends friendships. A humid day can be mortifying. No one wants to look like an electrocuted cat at work or a lion at dinner. Alas, there is no escaping the wet fog.

This is how every single woman’s day goes in summer, specifically in Sahel:



You start your day fresh, clean and looking like Ariel, the “Little Mermaid”





Then it slowly starts happening, you try to flip your hair to the side and your fingers get stuck





It takes a couple of minutes to register what’s going on, then you start blaming yourself for not getting Keratin treatment before August started





You still have hope that the odds are in your favor until you realize your hair is getting in the way of everyone around you





You are a bit hesitant but end up looking at the mirror and start screaming for thinking that bangs were a good idea during the summer





This is when it gets ugly, you still have expectations, you know it’s a hopeless situation, but you start looking for the hair straightener anyway





An hour later you leave the house only to realize that you exhausted your arm straightening your hair for absolutely nothing, you can’t beat the heat, it dominates your whole existence 





And whenever someone looks at you, you start fixing your hair because you are too damn paranoid at this point




So the only thing you can do for the rest of the night is try to convince people that this is not what you looked like before leaving the house. No one believes you.


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