13 Must-Visit Art Spaces in Beirut

Beirut is known to be the capital of arts and culture in the Arab world. Being the hub where East meets West, Beirut is home to a variety of artistic talents.

If you happen to be in Beirut, there’s no missing its tremendous art scene. Stop by these galleries and get a glimpse of the magic.



Beirut Art Fair



Beirut Art Fair established itself on the international artistic scene with its vision of ME.NA.SA. labeled art, featuring a unique identity and attracting many to the art scene.

In tune with international collectors and centers, the fair displays the creations of this region, stretching from Morocco to Indonesia.

With Beirut being the cultural and intellectual capital of the Arab world, Beirut Art Fair combines the works of both the East and the West.

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Agial Art Gallery



Agial Art Gallery specializes in the promotion of Contemporary and Modern Art from the Arab world, mainly from Lebanon. The permanent collection of Agial includes names from pioneers and established artists to the most promising talents.

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Beirut Art Center



Beirut Art Center (BAC) is a non-profit association, space and platform dedicated to contemporary art in Lebanon.

The aim of the center is to produce, present and promote local and international contemporary art and cultural practice in a structure that is open and active throughout the year and makes art accessible to a large and growing audience of residents and visitors alike. Art aficionados are able to engage with a rich and diverse range of contemporary art and cultural practice.

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Beirut Exhibition Center


beirut exhibition center

Beirut Exhibition Center (BEC) is a non-profit space that provides a collaborative environment for art museums, galleries, artist collectives and cultural institutions.

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Art Factum Gallery



Art Factum Gallery is a fresh contemporary art and design gallery that hosts local and international artists, newcomers or those established in their field.

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Art on the 56th



Art on 56th is an independent visual art gallery in Beirut, Lebanon that presents local artists to an international audience and aims to promote established and emerging artists from around the world in Lebanon.

Art on 56th exhibits artworks in a large variety of media, including painting, sculpture, work on paper, photography and video.

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Janine Rubiez Gallery



Galerie Janine Rubeiz follows the legacy of “Dar el Fan” in promoting modern and contemporary art in Lebanon.

With a mission to make Lebanese contemporary modern art known in Lebanon and abroad, Janine Rubiez Gallery hosts the works of internationally recognized artists and participates with its artists in a number of regional and international fairs.

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Mark Hachem Gallery 


galerie mark hachem

Mark Hachem Gallery is an innovative modern platform for contemporary art presenting work for artists from all over the world.

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ARTLAB  is a space for artists to expose their creative works, hence the laboratory part of the name, and for the art-loving community to experience, enjoy, discuss and acquire these masterpieces.

Their mission is to deal in contemporary paintings, sculptures and other forms of art created by local, regional and international artists, providing exclusive artwork at fair prices.

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Ayyam Gallery



Ayyam Gallery is a leading arts organisation, promoting established and emerging artists from the Middle East.

With its widely respected multilingual publishing division and a custodianship programme that manages the estates of pioneering artists, Ayyam Gallery also takes a large amount of credit in documenting the region’s art history.

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Sfeir Semler Gallery



Sfeir-Semler Gallery concentrates on international contemporary art with an emphasis on conceptual and minimal art.

For the past ten years, the gallery has given special focus to artists working in the Arab world, nurturing a unique cross-cultural link between Western and Middle Eastern contemporary art practices.

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Ashkal Alwan – The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts



The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, Ashkal Alwan is a non-profit organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. The association has committed itself to the production, facilitation and circulation of artistic practices across a range of disciplines and media.

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Hamazkayin Art Gallery



The gallery was founded to bring great art to the people of Lebanon and the region, promoting the works of artists with different backgrounds and styles, and to be an engaging meeting place for all art lovers.

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