Who is DJ Nitrane?

Everyone is a DJ now, right? So you listen to couple of songs that were hits and you mix them together and play them somewhere, you become a DJ. How awesome! (straight face). But let’s not forget the real talents out there that succeeded to make unique impressions. Amir Nitrane, who has been sneaking around […]

Maria’s note: Guess who’s the winner?

Hours ahead of the final recount of the votes, we already know the winner of the Egyptian presidential elections: the Supreme Council of Armed Forces, SCAF. Less than an hour ago they have issued new amendments to the Constitutional Declaration in what I consider their checkmate movement. Analysts, liberals and media have called it a […]

Alien vs. Predator

Do you know those hardcore political activists who have dedicated their lives to tweeting and educating others about the shitty situation in Egypt? The ones who never got tired and would start fights with strangers who are against the revolution or those who have grown sick of it? Well, I was one of them, until […]

Shafik to Run for President

Ex-Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafik, has been approved to run for president when Egypt’s constitutional court ruled against a law that would have thrown him out of the race, today. The court also declared that some of the rules in a parliamentary election that ended earlier this year and which handed control to Islamists were unconstitutional. […]

The Man Behind Bar D’O – Cairo’s Newest Bar

A new bar has newly opened about 3 weeks ago, but let me say this is not just another bar in the streets of Cairo. It’s the “Character” as I quote from Khaled Sabry, the owner that makes Bar D’O stand out. The amazingly unique setting reminds one of the mellow New York ‘meat district’ […]

Vodafone Brings Incubator to Egypt

Word on the street is that Vodafone Egypt is launching a EGP 20 million fund that focuses on small, web, and mobile-focused ventures, with the goal of supporting youth and innovation in Egypt. In addition to the fund, Vodafone Egypt decided to bring their Silicon Valley incubator titled “Xone” to the Egyptian market. The incubator […]

Mommy Diaries: Jumping Ship

When I first moved here in 1999 all I wanted was to leave. Literally. I wanted to take the first flight out of this noisy polluted city. It was hot, crowded, and I didn’t have a single familiar face to turn to. I begrudgingly went to school, hoping that the year would fly by fast […]

Ghazy and His Goons

He’s Back! After a few years in hiding, Ghazy (Ex-Marbleheads lead guitarist) is back stronger, with his own band (Ghazy and His Goons), and not just that a full album titles “Change of Plans”. I’m personally excited about this, since I’m a big Ghazy fan and so should you! This album is supposed to be […]

The Bungalow

So a while back one of what seems to be one of the most succesful online shopping sites in the area was launched by 3 of our own homegrown fashionistas themselves.  Partners in Horreya and Owner of Hebz by Heba El Awadi alongside Yomna Bakry co-founder of the notorious Maybe 2 – Bungalow H was […]

The Four Year Struggle

Shocking results. After two days of going to cast a vote deciding the future of the country, Egyptians are in disbelief. Ahmed Shafik, representing the old regime the Egyptian people revolted against, is in the second round! As bizarre as it seems, we cannot deny the fact that Egyptians are still unaware of political dynamics […]