Elmenus Has A New Face!

There are certain aspects of Arab culture that bind us together like no where else in the world. This usually includes a meal, why is that? Well simply because it is a concept which inevitably gives us some sort of satisfaction. Egypt is infamous for its delivery system, having lived in Europe and witnessed the […]

Off The Post: The Living Legend – Mohamed Abou Treika

Abou Treika in lines Name: Mohamed Mohamed Abuo Treika Number: 22 Born: 7 Nov 1978 (34 yrs of age) Career: – Al Tersana; 1997 – 2004, Al Ahly; 2004 – Present Goals: Tersana (91) + Al Ahly (105), Egypt (31)  As we close down 2012, there is nothing much to highlight across the Egyptian football […]

XD Dark Ride Comes to Egypt

New Toys and new levels of amusement always excite us! Play Amusement services is a new company in Egypt (THANK THE LORD PEOPLE ARE STILL WILLING TO INVEST IN THIS COUNTRY!) Ok now that rant is over, their aim is to bring the latest technology world-wide to our doorstep, or more like Malls! Their first […]

9 Steps For My Sanity

I can’t seem but notice the mass depression in Egypt these days. For the past 2 years we have been seeing ups and downs, we have seen deaths, unfairness, political discussions everywhere we go. Yet, we have managed to find a way to escape all of this; some of us by eating a lot, some […]

Egypt Reports From The Polls

Egypt just completed its first couple days of voting for the new constitution. Having said that due to the most recent issues with the Juridical strike that has occurred there have been very few actual judges available to monitor the voting procedure. Here is an account from Mosireen on the most recent complaints of the […]

A message to the brides of May

Being originally Syrian, I was genetically modified to fully examine the biggest day (or more of an obligatory achievement) of any girls’ life; the wedding. Trained from the age of 16 to note the smallest wedding details I would always carefully look at; the flowers, the tiara, the dress, the plate settings, the vibe, the […]


Egypt-shit-theatrical One is stunned with the intensity Egyptian politics is taking. The pace is too fast, that I don’t know if before I finish writing this article, something new will occur unexpectedly in Egypt. We are watching an epic thriller, ladies and gentlemen. Where should I start? With this acceleration of events, one can not […]

Shisha Addict’s Wildest Dream

Shisha moves me much in the same way bars move people. I will forgo an outing, party, random drinks & dinner at a bar, for SHISHA! I’m not an addict don’t get me wrong, i go weeks without it, but i rather do that than many other things. Along comes Abdel Wahab one of my […]

An Open Letter to the Opposition

“أنا عايز أفهم” An Open Letter to the Opposition: Squeezing through the crowds in Tahrir on Friday November 30th, I heard a voice in the distance call my name. “Anisa Farah, Anisa Farah!” (Ms Farah, Ms. Farah). I turned around and found Amr, the office boy from work, pushing his way through to come say […]

Eargasm: Salalem

Check out Salalem’s newest song “Ya Sayed Ya Mas’oul” If this doesn’t give you shivers we don’t know what will. We Said This: That’s our Friday Eargasm, be safe Egypt! Scoop TeamSelect Staff Writers from the Scoop Empire Team