Music Box: What You Need To Know To Attend One Of The Biggest Music Festivals in The Region

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After the Music Park Festival that set C-town on fire last September, we’re expecting an even wilder performance on the 2nd of February. Music Box Festival, which is produced and organized by Wide Eye, will be featuring Aziz Maraka and Jadal all the way from Jordan, along with one of our favorite Egyptian band, Sharmoofers. The first edition of the festival, sponsored by Etisalat, will take place at Al-Manara International Conference Center.

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There have been many concerns circulating social media about the venue. Fans started panicking when the event’s venue was announced and they thought that closed halls with seats are not suitable at all for such a performance. However, the event will actually be an outdoor event in which the venue’s capacity is around 75,000 m². So no need to worry about that at all!

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Going back to the performers, Jadal and Aziz Maraka in particular seem to be very excited about performing in Cairo. Other than their frequent engagement on the Facebook event, they’re both giving away FREE TICKETS! Yes, you just read that! Jadal announced on the 11th of January that they’ll be giving three lucky winners two tickets each.

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Fans have gone crazy about this, especially after one lucky fan, known as Zelzal, received a message from Maraka’s assistant himself. The message entailed that he didn’t just win a free ticket, but a backstage access as well, and of course Egyptians just couldn’t let it go. The sarcastic comments soon came after.

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Not just that, but Maraka surprised his audience with some great news. He previously announced last December that he will be giving one of his fans his own bracelet, under one condition, to give it to someone else. After the event was officially announced, Maraka said that the lucky winner will be from Egypt and that he’ll give it to him/her in person on the day of the festival. After reading many comments from fans, Aziz decided that his Egyptian fan, Nurhan Mohamed, deserved to win as she said she’ll give the bracelet to her mom who’s currently fighting a fatal disease.

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We’ll now leave you with the artists’ greatest hits because it’s about time to start warming up.

WE SAID THIS: Seems like the 2nd of February is a lucky day. So which festival are you attending? Music Box in Cairo or Wasla in Dubai? If you’re going with Music Box, head to TicketsMarché or one of its outlets for tickets.