11 Reasons Why You Should Start Packing and Move to Sinai

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It’s quite common nowadays to stumble upon a lot of people who left their lives in the big cities and moved to smaller towns. Many Egyptians have always been moving to places like Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada and the whole thing is not new to us, but they always moved to work in tourism, However, quitting one’s old job and settling for a simpler life has become a trend in the recent years. Out of all the places where many people decided to move to; like Gouna, we couldn’t help but notice that there was quite a demand on Sinai. So if you’re sick of your hectic life in the city and you’re having second thoughts about it, here are 11 reasons why you should move to Sinai.


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This one explains itself quite well … If you’re Cairene. However, if you’re from Alexandria, well, this beach is cleaner and most importantly, MORE ACCESSIBLE!

Zero Traffic

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No more getting stuck in traffic for hours, no more struggling with getting from October to New Cairo on time, and definitely you’ll no longer have to cry over the exit you missed on Daa’ery. Time is money and if you’re planning on wasting it, then better spend it on your way from Dahab to Nuweiba. After all, this will require less time than your daily ride to and from work.

It’s cheaper

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Life in the desert is definitely more affordable. Setting aside the cheaper food, rent, transportation, and things of that sort, your outings won’t cost the same as it costs you in Cairo or Alexandria. Hence, double the fun, half the price!

Stress-free life

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Don’t you just love the person you become when you’re on vacation? Imagine spending more time with that person, for eternity maybe? For sure you’ll have responsibilities over there, but life in small towns is not as hectic as in cities. So get ready to kiss stress goodbye!

The work environment

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No more suits and ties and no more messy cubicles, nature will be your new office. You’ll even be more flexible if you get to open your own business or work on freelance basis online. Did we mention that there’s a co-working space, called CoworkInn Dahab, in Dahab?

Inspiration and creativity

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Being surrounded with natural beauty all the time will keep you inspired and will keep the creative ideas coming. So if you’re a writer, a filmmaker, an artist, or anything of that sort, this place is just for you.

Frequent exposure to different cultures

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In Sinai, you’ll get in contact with a lot of foreigners and a lot of bedouin communities. So other than making friends from all over the world, this place is a pool of cultural exchange. Need I say more?

The community

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One of the things we all dread the most is the judgmental society. In smaller communities no one will really care about what you’re doing with your life as long as you’re not harming others. As people there are used to dealing with different cultures, they learned to accept and embrace change. People there also care for the environment, mainly because the tough desert life taught Bedouins more about scarcity. So if you drop litter; like it has become the norm in the city, you’ll actually be looked down on.

You’ll be healthier

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Yes, believe it or not, you’ll be healthier; both physically and mentally. You’re sleep cycle will go back to its normal and NATURAL state. Meaning, you’ll wake up and sleep early like you were meant to be, and therefore, your body will get the rest it needs. Your mental health will also be affected as your surroundings and the amount of positive vibes will leave no room for depression and anxiety.

You’ll always be on vacation

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Yes, you’ll have work to do because life ain’t always rainbows and butterflies and you need to make a living. But come on, imagine working where you like going on vacation? It’s like vacation came knocking on your door, not the other way around.

You’ll travel a lot

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From Nuweiba to Dahab, from Dahab to Catherine, from Catherine to Sharm *catches breath*, from Sharm to Nabq and back to Ras Sudr. Isn’t this the dream?

WE SAID THIS: Don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!