Egypt’s Adrenaline Junkies Get Ready for Biker Zone 2017

Egypt’s Adrenaline Junkies Get Ready for Biker Zone 2017

  Bikers in Egypt need to assemble ASAP because Biker Zone is back at it again for the fourth consecutive year after killing it every single round for the last three years. Biker Zone is a one-of-a-kind celebration as it’s the only Egyptian event that is specialized in the field of free sports, motor-sports and […]

Pibal: Philippe Starck’s Solution to Cairo Traffic?

Ever had to make a decision whether you should invest in a bicycle or a scooter? Well with this new modern creation from the phenomenal product and interior design firm Philippe Starck and Peugeot, you no longer need to decide. With the new bike-scooter, Pibal, an electric automatic two-speed hub, you get both of them […]

A Bike worth $32,000!!

What happens when the world’s best bike makers and one of the world’s hottest car makers team up? Hisotry! Thought your Peugeot or Hummer bike was cool, well we got something now that kicks its ass! Hello bike worth $32,000! What makes an impec bike so special? Its frame is made from bespoke carbon tubes […]