This Initiative Aims to Transform Cairo into a more Bike-friendly City!


Nahdet El Mahrousa launched an initiative called Sekettak Khadra that aims to transform Cairo into a greener, more bike-friendly city. If you’ve never heard about Nahdet El Mahrousa; it is the first incubator of early-stage innovative social enterprises in the Middle East.

Via Publicbikes

For the initiative, they joined forces with the Danish Embassy in Cairo, the Cairo Governorate, the UN-Habitat, and their local community partner, Heliopolis Heritage, with the aim to install 100 bike racks all over Cairo.

“The idea behind the initiative is to encourage people to leave their cars behind and opt for biking instead,” Said Rana al-Sadek, Communications Manager at Nahdet al-Mahrousa to Egypt Independent. This is the first step towards the bigger purpose, which is to spread the biking culture in Cairo; making it greener, and encouraging a more healthy lifestyle.

WE SAID THIS: We’re all here for similar innovative initiatives that transform our lifestyle into a more healthy one.