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SCAF Unplugged Morsi’s Brotherhood

On Monday, the defense minister, general Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, gave Morsi and his government a 48-hours ultimatum to resolve their internal problems and disagreements with other political sectors or follow a political “roadmap” the army would design and implement. Mr. Sisi made clear the position of the army when he said “ I swear to God […]

Egypt President Mohamed Morsi’s Removal Sparks Celebrations

And the Celebration continues! Opponents of Egypt’s ousted president, Mohamed Morsi, celebrated into the night, after Egypt’s army ousted the country’s first elected president, the Egyptians filled the streets with happiness and celebration. As soon as General Abdel Fatah Al Sisi was done with his speech, something I think not only Egypt was waiting for, […]

TBS for Tahrir & Itehdeya!

The country is already united, but it takes a true marketing brain to realize the potential that is behind both Itahedeya and Tahrir; let alone all the good that can be done in taking care of our dear countrymen! TBS has decided to send 1,000 sandwiches for it’s fellow country men & women in both […]

Al Sisi Addresses the Egyptian People

  Egypt has been through a ‘transitional period’ for the last couple of years. With turmoil, elections, new governments and a love hate relationship with the army,  The Commander & Chief of the Armed Forces has recently addressed the people of Egypt. Please note this is before the current president Morsi himself has actually come […]

Is Morsi’s Time Limited?

This morning Tamarod (the people who brought us June 30th) issued a statement, demanding that president Mohamed Morsi step down by Tuesday at 5 pm or else….. The campaign heads, called on all security apparatus’s including the Police, Army and Judiciary, to stand side by side with the people, in the midst of their peaceful […]

Egyptians Torched Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters

While 90 percent of the country was in Tahrir and Iltahedya, a couple of people managed to make it to the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters. Dozens, and dozens of protesters attacked the headquarters by throwing stones and firebombs at the building until a raging fire erupted at the ruling party’s headquarters. The building is located in […]

Man High on Magic Mushrooms Mutilates His Penis!

Everyone can do stupid shit when they’re high on drugs, but this guy is just crazy! A 41 year old man from Columbus, Ohio was found naked and screaming outside a Michigan middle school, bloody from the waist down, with parts of his genitals ripped off and scattered around the street.  The man was high […]

The Dressing Room

You know that moment when you walk into a mall or a store, and you end up running around in circles because you don’t know what you want to buy? It’s always a matter of; everyone is gonna be wearing this? Or does this look cute enough? And the questions keep coming and coming.  Problem […]

Nokia Goes Colorful

A day starting with jars of colorful skittles sent to the office could not possibly be an off day. Such a nice gesture by the innovational Nokia team, that obviously are going festive this summer.  Why were we gifted the those wonderful fruit candies? Why because Nokia are introducing two new Lumia phones; the Nokia […]

McDonald’s Closing all Restaurants in Bolivia as Nation Rejects Fast Food

Bolivia rejects fast food! Does that even make sense? Not only are they rejecting fast food, but they’re rejecting McDonald’s! Haven’t they tried their Big Mac?  So let’s stop talking about us, and talk a little about Bolivia.  McDonald’s are no longer the happy image, getaway bliss in Bolivia, apparently people there believe that food […]