Aly Mazhar Was on Abla Fahita Last Night, and Oh My, It Was Iconic


Okay so, remember when everyone’s favorite puppet flirted with beefcake/actor/Concrete iconic man Asser Yassin on Twitter, and we were all here for it? Well, Abla Fahita did it again — only this time, it was with another Concrete iconic man, the one and only fitness guru Aly Mazhar.



A few days ago, Abla Fahita teased us with a picture of her on Facebook between fine specimen, Dhafer L’Abidine and Aly Mazhar. The fitness fiend joined seductress on her show last night, and oh my, it was truly something. “You looked handsome on all these Concrete billboards, but you look even more handsome in real life,” Fahita told Mazhar.



The puppet turned Mazhar into her own fitness marionette, by making him perform sexy tasks such as squats and push-ups whilst she sang romantic songs in the background — to say the whole scenario was a too flirtatious would be an understatement.


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It’s not surprise Fahita acted the way she did on her show, Mazhar has had the effect on women for quite some time now. Last week, pictures of him at Maadi City Centre — Concrete, to be specific — getting all stylish took over social media. We’re loving that vest look (above) he chose to get ready for Abla Fahita’s show.



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