Abla Fahita Flirting with Asser Yassin on Twitter Is Every Single One of Us

There’s thirsty, and then there’s Abla Fahita thirsty. Everyone’s favorite puppet took to Twitter to channel how she truly felt about Egyptian actor, Asser Yassin.



She, like most mortals, just wants to see the beefcake shirtless, which is why she tweeted Yassin, “Do Concrete do swim-shorts?”



The unexpected, however, happened when Yassin actually replied with a picture. Not just any picture, but a selfie of him with nothing but a towel.



His tweet also said, “Where were you last August [referring to the successful Concrete campaign that heavily featured him]?



Abla Fahita, obviously, did not back down and asked him, “Asser, since when do we have barriers between one another?”



WE SAID THIS: Needless to say, this Twitter interaction gave us life.