This Egyptian Student Is the Hero You Never Knew You Needed

Another day, another post going viral. Egypt’s educational system is not known for being the best – which explains why some parents might do this, or that.


One Egyptian kid, however, has taken to Facebook to rebel against the educational system in the form of funny picture posts — and everyone lauded him as a hero. Kiro Nagah posted a series of pictures that documented what a normal school day is like for him — and his facial reactions are just priceless.



Here’s Kiro getting ready to take the bus to school, and he’s totally not having it




He has arrived to school, and he is still not having it — probably because of that tire that’s there for no reason




He has made it inside, and he’s definitely not having it




He’s in class but the teacher is late. Yes, he’s obviously not having it




It’s recess time and he’s chilling with his friends. Wait, what friends? He’s too busy not having it to have friends




He has finally arrived home, and he is still not having it and probably will always be like that




WE SAID THIS: Kiro needs to be a meme, he needs to be acknowledged by everyone because he is our hero. Thank you for inspiring us.

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