This Video Will Make You Want to Eat Shawerma Right Now

We all know what shawerma is. If you happen to be one of those people that don’t know about this magical culinary creation, then you need to leave me alone, but kindly check this link before you do — it will help improve your life by 200%.


via Well Plated


What makes shawerma special is the very fact that it comes in all shapes and forms. You can have it with chicken, veal, lamb, beef, mixed meats, hell, you even have it with fish. Shawerma is usually served in a sandwich or pita bread with tahini, hummus, pickles or a salad.



AJ+ released a video that has us drooling and wanting shawerma ASAP, we have a feeling that it’ll do the same to you:




WE SAID THIS: One does not simply say no to shawerma!