Gerard Butler Reveals How Much He Loves Amr Waked, and It’s Cute

If you’ve ever wanted to see a tidal wave sweep over the horizon of a waterless desert or eggs frying on an overheated street, “Geostorm” is the movie for you! Gerard Butler plays Jake Lawson, the man who will obviously have to save the world in Dean Devlin’s feature directing debut.



But nope, we’re not here to talk about the movie, necessarily. We’re here to talk about the Scottish actor’s low key obsession with Amr Waked. Yup, our Waked.


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In a recent interview with Al Arabiya English, Butler showed how much he loves the Egyptian actor, and oh my, it’s so cute. “The best! I love that man. He is such a good, decent man. He’s so funny. He’s got such a dry sense of humor. We were a great team in this movie,” the 47-year-old actor said about Waked.


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“He’s such a strong guy, and he’s got this cheeky little smile. I could make every movie with him,” Butler adds.



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