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What’s On Awards Dubai

What’s On Magazine, the UAE’s best selling entertainment magazine held their annual awards ceremony last night in Dubai at Dubai Media City. The What’s On awards are a celebration of the UAE’s hospitality, entertainment and leisure industry and have been expanded this year to include many new categories than the previous years. Based on public […]

Property of Nadya Shanab : El Mahrousa

After a 2 year struggle, Property of Nadya Shanab’s Album “El Mahrousa” will finally be available in stores in Egypt by the 1st of November! Having been recorded and sold in the UK at different concerts, the album was facing many problems with Egyptian authorities in order to get the proper licensing for song approval, […]

Google Celebrates Abu Simbel’s Solar Phenomena

We love all the google doodles, the interactive ones especially, but today we love it because it’s about EGYPT!! Google celebrates the Abu Simbel Solar Phenomena which happens twice a year on October 21st and February 21st,  61 days before and after the Winter Solstice by using the Great Temple of Abu Simbel Tomb as […]

Ad-Dicted: Unlock the 007 in you in 70 seconds!

We love when advertising get’s creative! Coke zero has centered their latest campaign around the launch of the 007 “Sky Fall” premier, giving random Coke drinkers the chance to become bond? Coke made it so any regular old Jo could walk up to a vending machine, upon ordering his Coca-Cola Zero he is given a […]

Bringing the Social Media Revolution to Health Care

We’ve been witnessing revolutions left and right in the past few years with uprisings in the Middle East, Europe, South America and so forth, but the real revolution that we are witnessing in this decade is definitely a Social Media Revolution. It is THERE. You cannot escape it. Trust us, you cannot. It is the […]

DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs In 2012 Announced

The music world has been ravaging about the poll,  run annually by DJ Mag, for the top 100 DJs in the world. And finally the results came in earlier today! David Guetta has lost his thrown as #1 to drop to #4, a thrown that many thought he didn’t deserve in the first place back […]

Car Bomb in Beirut Kills 8

A huge car bomb exploded in a street in central Beirut during rush hour today, killing at least eight people and wounding about 80, witnesses and officials said. It was not immediately clear if the explosion targeted any political figure in Lebanon’s divided community but it occurred at a time of heightened tension between Lebanese […]

Simon Cowell Tweets in Anger

Simon Cowell was not pleased when his show, The X Factor was delayed in its start time by Fox on Wednesday due to baseball rain delays. NBC reported that the show was cut off early, with the next show, The Mindy Project beginning at its usual time, which meant that fans do not know which […]

Newsweek Going Digital

After 79 years of weekly prints and years of losing money, Newsweek announced on Thursday that it will stop printing its magazine and become a digital-only publication. “Newsweek will transition to an all-digital format in early 2013,” editor Tina Brown wrote in an email to employees. “As part of this transition, the last print edition in the […]

Black Onyx Hit Up London

Remember when we told you ID’s Black Onyx was touring the world and they hit up London? Well now you can see and believe for your own eyes how much the English and party goers at Aura Mayfair enjoyed the brand! We Said This: After All Egyptian Vodka is Exotic! Scoop Team Select Staff Writers […]