This Egyptian Star Wars Fan Has Taken His Obsession to New Heights, and We’re Here for It

You might have a bad feeling about this (see what we did there?), but worry not, the following piece of intel will surely make every Star Wars fan squeal with joy.

A long time ago (one year to be specific), in a galaxy far, far away (the Milky way), Egyptian super-fan Ahmed El-Attar decided to create an Instagram account that celebrates his love towards Star Wars. The account follows a Lego Stormtrooper on his journey of exploring the globe.

“So I’ve heard a lot of geeky wannabe Jedi who are clearly celebrating this day, the day of the Force. On this planet’s calendar, today is May the 4th..and that is supposed to be funny I presume. This reminds me why I hate the Jedi. They want you to believe that only a force could help you, strengthens your soul and nourishes your spirit. I refuse to believe that. It’s not only the force, it’s also the weakness, the misery, the falls, the struggles, the defeats and the sadness that also brings you back up, and help you bounce back. So on this day, not only the Force prevails, but also what contradicts it. On this day, I say, May the whole week/weak be with you” #MayThe4thBeWithYou #MayTheFourthBeWithYou #StarWars #Lostrooper #TrooperDiaries #StarWarsCelebration #SWCE @starwarscelebration #Lego #LegoStarWars #StarWarsDay #brickcentral #bricknetwork

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“What inspired me is a mix of my passion for photography and the geeky love I have for Star Wars. That’s why I always walk around with my Lego Stormtrooper, who goes by the name Stormie,” El-Attar tells us. “I started the account initially to give sarcastically false-deep advice and quotes, coming from an alien’s point of view, analyzing the life of humans.”

We’ve seen a rise in fictional characters in the form of Lego or vinyl figures over the past couple of years in Egypt, but a wise Stormtrooper that aspires to become a travel blogger/influencer has got to be our new favorite.

When asked about his favorite Stars Wars character, El-Attar told us, “That’s the toughest. I can’t say I’m wholeheartedly a part of the Light side, but I’m as hesitant and undecided as Rey and Kylo Ren. So I’d say they’re both my favorite characters, as they make a good combination.”

WE SAID THIS: Make that decision on behalf of El-Attar and choose one of them by watching Star Wars: The Last Jedi that is currently playing in Cairo theaters. For more of Stormie’s adventures, click here