Women’s Internet Habits While Playing Online Games

All types of online games are pretty popular nowadays, and women are literally taking part in lots of online games. There are no particular types, but the involvement of women in online games has literally increased to more than 50 percent in the last decade. Since there are no particular genres of games to which women are attracted to, we will talk about five games that are being played by women the most recently. We will also discuss the habits of women associated with these games, and what they feel and experience while playing such games.

Most Commonly Played Online Games by Women

888ladies bingo

888ladies bingo is one of the most popular online games that are being played by most women nowadays. Gambling is definitely one topic that attracts many women, and getting the chance to play in online casinos sure seems to be popular among the ladies. This casino is extremely popular due to its amazing gameplay. The software developers created this online casino game magnificently. There are multiple gaming choices, and the quality of the 888ladies bingo has definitely attracted more players than it was expected.

Ladies can also join their friends in different bingo rooms and can play together. Due to this community that the 888ladies bingo has created, more and more casino loving women have joined this game, and they truly have fun being part of something so enthralling.

Candy Crush Saga

This highly popular game has over 60 percent of women gamers at present. This game was a huge hit in android smartphones and iPhones when it first came out and has been popular ever since. There are multiple pieces on the board, and each of them is candies. Two candies can be swapped with each other at any given time, and the objective is to align at least three similar candies’ in a line, either in vertical or in the horizontal position. On matching, the similar candies get eliminated and the score increases.

Women have found this game to be specifically attractive due to its wide range of colors, smooth transitions, bright ambiance, and the general sweetness that those virtual candies imbibe. Overall, it’s a great fun game that can be played offline as well. However, women can share their progress with their friends online.

Pokémon GO

This game about catching the Pokémons is also extremely popular among women players. As per a survey last year, over 70 percent players of this game are female. This game first featured in smartphones and has been popular from the very first day. The game cannot be played from the home, and one needs to be highly interactive and walk and run outside. This added as an extra bonus as women said they were getting exercise for free, all while doing fun stuff.

The main aim of this game was to catch Pokémons like how the anime series depicted, and use the results to compete with friends. Pokémons with higher stature generally required better searching, and this was a good show off.

Just Dance

Dancing is highly popular among many women, and this game provided an opportunity to do just so in a virtual manner. The game is available in Playstation consoles, Xbox versions, and Nintendo Switch.

The main aim of the game was to perform the dance steps of famous songs. Since it required actual physical activity, and dancing was involved as well, lots of women tried out this online game and actually loved it.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The last game on this list is a role-playing action game. This game is actually the third of the many games in this popular series, and over 50 percent of gamers were recorded as women. The game is available in Xbox and Playstation consoles.

The game basically allows the gamer to take up a character or Inquisitor, and the appearance, characteristics, and abilities can be changed and upgraded. Empires can be created, and multiple users can team up together to battle against the enemies in the kingdom. The community buildup in this game also attracted more women players.


All of these online games are pretty hit among women. The games mentioned are of different genres, but they cover almost all types of preferred online games by women. As for their habits, we can see that games with community, bright and attractive colors and characters, fun activities, and enthralling experience are preferred over other types of online games.

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