Recent Technological Advancements in Online Gambling

The phenomenal rise in the popularity and availability of online gambling has made it one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years. In order to bring compelling gaming options to punters, from blackjack and poker through to horse racing, football, and eSports, technology has to develop in tandem. Online casinos are now at our fingertips, more convenient and easier to use than ever before. And now, many punters choose to play on the go, using their phones and tablets to place bets, play games and check odds before they have a flutter. Technology continues to develop at a rapid rate to meet the demands of the industry and has changed the way we gamble. Let’s look at some recent advances in the world of online gambling.

Virtual Reality

Once a distant dream, virtual reality (VR) is now with us. As it becomes more affordable it is emerging as an exciting and popular way to consume all kinds of content – gambling included. Allowing punters to play on slot machines, against blackjack dealers, and at the roulette table, it brings a virtual casino into the comfort of your home. Granted, the technology required – a headset, computer hardware, and a powerful computer with a high-end graphics card – is a large investment to make. But for punters already enjoying interacting and playing with other users in a high-definition virtual environment, the investment is surely worth it. And as the costs come down, expect to see more and more online casinos offer a VR gambling experience.

Mobile Technology

Billions of people worldwide use smartphones and/or tablets. We use them every day, everywhere, all the time. Most businesses now tailor their online presence and content for mobile technology, and online gambling is no exception. By far the most popular way to gamble online now is via optimized casino apps. As a result, software development has greatly improved to make the mobile platform experience more immersive and user-friendly. Mobile technology has shifted the entire demographic of online gambling, with younger people becoming more engaged in playing casino mobile games as active punters. Using apps and mobile technology also helps casinos to establish and maintain a loyal customer base who trust the brand, and are likely to play more often. Dedicated apps to play games have simplified the gambling process, made the rules easier to understand, and fostered relationships between punters and casinos – this has really powered the meteoric rise of mobile gambling.

Blockchain Technology

Trust plays a key part in our approach to financial transactions online, whether we’re paying for goods, buying software, invoicing clients or using banking applications. Online gambling is, for obvious reasons, hugely reliant on trust from players, not only trust in the protection of payment information, but also in the calculation of odds, and privacy through appropriate security levels to protect gamblers’ personal data. This is where blockchain technology comes in – by making the process of transactions anonymous and automated it protects gamblers, who don’t have to wait for human approval to cash out their winnings. Using cryptocurrencies allows the user to gamble anonymously, without the need to hand over copies of documents or even create an account, depending on the platform. With so many online casinos to choose from, potential punters are now encouraged to thoroughly investigate the legality and reputation of the places they may gamble. Cryptography and the use of blockchain technology have increased the transparency of online casinos, enabling players to trust them, and therefore making them more likely to spend their money gambling.

3D Animation

The development of video games has also influenced the way in which we gamble. The emergence of 3D animation technology means not only that standard gambling games such as poker or blackjack are elevated to new levels, but also that a market for story-led games has begun to prosper. Growing in popularity are games such as 3D slots, which harnesses the power of 3D animation to transform the slot machine format into an immersive, cinematic experience, and Vikings, a level based game with a storyline that can be followed through to the finish, with gambling options as you go along. 3D animation means that games can now appeal to fans of science fiction, steampunk, fantasy gaming and much more through the use of cutting edge graphics, music, and interaction. 3D animation is opening up new areas of possibility for online gambling, broadening its appeal with new gaming options while simultaneously reinforcing and updating the classics.

Business Analysis

Using data modeling and predictive analytics casinos can better tune into the needs and wants of their customer base. Using these cutting edge business techniques means that the casinos can use player preferences and testimonials to tailor and streamline their services to provide an ever-improving customer experience. Gambling sites track player history and other information to develop new games and optimize existing ones. This ensures that players get the most out of their experience with online gambling, and are more likely to give a casino repeat business (and more feedback and data to keep developing).


Multiplayer experiences drive much of the modern video gaming industry, and online gambling is no different. Interacting with other players adds to an immersive online casino experience, and also means that players can pool together for larger potential winnings.  Players can also go head to head at the gaming tables, playing poker, blackjack and many more games. Very little hardware is needed to get involved, and for this reason network gambling is one of the most popular technological advances within the industry.

Online gambling is driven by technology. The faster and easier it becomes to place bets and play games, the more people get involved. This, in turn, fuels the development of new and better technology, keeping the industry booming and moving forward.

We said this: Gamble away!

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