10 Video Games Every Arab Girl Should Play

By Salma El Gogary

One of the most stereotypical statements in our region is that video games are only meant for boys and it’s ungirly to be a gamer or even enjoy it, but let me try to convince you otherwise by shedding light on some video-games every Arab girl would enjoy playing. As a gamer myself I highly recommend these games, it’ll completely change your point of view.


This dance-based videogame is perfect for every X-box owner. It basically shows you dance moves to every song that you should mimic and follow. It’s fit for any group gathering or even for a girl’s sleepover. A fact worth mentioning is that the new 2019 version will feature some Arabic songs, so go get your moves ready and just dance.

Call of Duty

A first-person shooter video game might not sound so girl-friendly but it’s actually so entertaining. This is probably one of the most famous games as it was first released in 2003. It is worth mentioning for a good reason: it has easy access as it can be played on PC, PlayStation and X-box . One of the designers is an Iranian video game developer Mohammad Alavi so it has some Arab blood to it.

Jojo’s fashion show

A classic in the video-game world is this dress up like game, where you own a fashion company and you just dress-up some models according to the style given to you. This was the main reason why my fashion sense developed as I spent four hours daily color-coordinating all of the outfits. And to add a little bit of our Arab taste to it, there were a lot of Arabic styles to choose from. Props to Game Lab for being this inclusive.


This old 3D pixelated game was probably my favorite growing up as it gives room for your creativity to expand. It allows players to build with a variety of different styles and it contains tons of Easter eggs that add to the spiciness of it. I personally loved building skyscrapers and Bedouin-styled houses. Also, with it gaining more popularity each and everyday, it’s easy to download even on your phone. So go and get your shovels ready and start creating.

Grand Theft Auto

This game may not seem appropriate, however, it really is if you select the child-friendly mode or simply avoid all the age-restricted activities. It turns into a whole new kind of fun. I loved creating To-Do lists for my character, for example following all traffic rules for a day or giving it a self-care day at the spa. You should definitely do that in real life too by the way.

Hidden objects games

These games are the essence of my good-concentration skills. There’s a variety of hidden-objects games that can be found anywhere but some of my favorites are Arabian Nights, Hidden Folks and Harry Potter: Hogwarts’ Mystery. You are basically given a list of hidden objects and you try to search for them. There can be more to it like extra missions but it all adds to the fun of it.


Adding to the list of stereotypical notions, is that girls don’t enjoy playing FIFA, which is untrue. It’s all about the techniques of playing it. Once you get the hook of it you’ll be addicted. It also gives us the chance to support Mo Salah as he’s included in the new FIFA player’s pack. So let’s prove that girls too can enjoy football.

Resident Evil

Emerging in the horror genre, this video game is well known for its jump scares and all of the gore and blood, but it really is an interesting one with a well-written storyline. I always loved playing it at night with my siblings, so get your friends, family or even your pets and embark on this bloody journey.

PUBG and Fortnite

These two have taken the videogames industry by the horns this last year and I think it’s for a good reason. This online multiplayer battle royale game combines skill, fun, and mobility. Gather your best girlfriends as it is all about the communication between teammates and don’t forget to lookout for snipers.

Assassin’s Creed

This action-adventure video game has gained a lot of popularity, especially in the Middle East. And contrary to Call of Duty, it’s an open-world game where you can visit your ancestor’s memories. It can also increase your knowledge about ancient Egypt and because you’re basically free to do whatever you please, you can challenge your friends. I used to think of it as studying history but with a twist.

WE SAID THIS: Watch out boys, the girls are here to win over the video games world.