Check out the Best Ways to Learn a New Language

By Salma El Gogary

Have you ever had the urge to learn a new language but you just don’t like the stress of having to go to a course and you can’t afford the price of online courses. Learning new languages can be fun when we’re not obliged to learn it in school, or when you just want to learn them from the comfort of your own bed. So here are some ways to learn a new language efficiently.

YouTube Channels

Tons and tons of YouTube channels offer easy language-learning videos and some of the top-rated channels are easy languages, Babbel, Sleep learning and Langfocus. What makes YouTube channels effective platforms to learn is the fact that they’re accessible, you could be enjoying your vacation and just pop your headphones on to learn a new language, and it also helps with the right pronunciation of words. This could probably be one of the most popular ways, you could literally start learning French on the spot. 


Our mobile phones are always available, so why not take this as an advantage and start downloading language-learning applications. This platform doesn’t have many options as there aren’t many apps to choose from, but some good ones are “Memrise, Babbel , Duolingo , Busuu , parla x and hello talk. This is perfect for people who like quizzes and follow-ups and most of the apps also offer reminders.


This one is more traditional as some of us have learned how to speak English through watching movies during our upbringing, so why not use the same method to learn Italian for example? This could be more useful for those who have more time on their hands and it could also be perfect if you’re enjoying your day off.


Moving onto the more common methods, songs are proven to be one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. How many times did you find yourself reciting some French lyrics from a popular French song? You could turn this activity into being fun AND useful.

If you would also like to learn French, you can listen to this song and you’ll absolutely fall in love with the language.

Start incorporating the language in your every-day life

When you start using these new words in your every-day life it becomes easier to remember them. So set it as a goal to learn 10 words per day and start repeating them to your friends and family, especially if you know someone that speaks the language fluently. Somehow I know everyone can relate to this.   

Know the culture

This is something that a lot of people tend to skip. Culture can shift your whole point of view on the language itself therefore, it is best if you familiarize yourself with the traditions, the customs and the civilization while having fun.

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