Tuesday Tips: Soraya Shawky’s Better Self Care Hacks For Beauty And Hair

Hair fall, hair loss, dark circles, dark body parts, and the list goes on. We’ve been advised to try this and that, and still, to no avail. We get so lost in the process, to the point where we don’t end up changing anything at the end of the day. They say having a routine, whether it be for beauty or hair care, will maybe save the day? Well, you know what? It’s not about having a hair routine at all! It’s all about natural tips and hacks to use for better and smoother hair and skin. Also, since summer is coming up soon, we’ve got you covered to get summer ready with the stunning Soraya Shawky’s beauty and hair hacks. Soraya Shawky is an entrepreneur and founder of beauty camp. Simply a beautiful woman, you can gain a lot of inspiration, as well as several tips and tricks from her for a better you! Now, scroll down to find out more about credible beauty and hair tips, and try one, or all of them out!

Let’s talk hair tips first

The one with the garlic for hair loss

The one with the home hair coloring

The one with the hair mask

The one with the chamomile

Beauty Tips

The one for smoother skin after the sun

The one with the perfect tan

The one with Aloe vera

The one with a nice glow

The one with the dark circles removal

The one with the dark body parts removal

Final tip, and the most important one too, is to stay hydrated! It’s super good and essential for healthy skin, hair, and the body overall! Don’t cut out what your body needs, and follow the stunning Soraya Shawky’s tips!

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