Tuesday Tips: Your Top 10 Beauty Hacks By the Make-Up Guru Aya Abdelhamid

Beauty hurts, they say? Well, we all know that it needs a lot of work and effort and at some point we tend to neglect ourselves because of confusion, lack of beauty knowledge or just simply don’t know what to do. Beauty is so confusing, it’s simple yet hard, easy yet difficult. You look at the mirror and you ask yourself what are the beauty hacks that are missing or the ones you know nothing about maybe.

We hear a lot about beauty hacks from so many untrusted sources maybe, but from now on you don’t need to worry, we’ve got you covered with some amazing beauty hacks by the one and only make-up guru Aya Abdelhamid. These beauty hacks will help you go through life with 0% worry.

Every Tuesday, Aya blesses our Instagram feeds with a Tuesday tip, scroll down to find out more about these beauty hacks, from hair to skin and more.

The coconut oil hack

Picking the right skincare routine

The pimple coverup

Styling baby hair

The eyeliner hack

The blusher and how to apply it

Making a sleek ponytail

Creating long lasting foundation

For smokey eye lovers

Making your nose look shorter

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