The Deets on the Japanese Air Purifier Egypt is Using to Stop the Indoor Spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 phobia is hitting Egypt and its citizens hard. It has reached the point that everyone is trying to balance between continuing their normal life, and limiting everything that can harm them at some point. Meanwhile, on a positive note, Egypt has just purchased a new air purifier from the Japanese company KalTech that is said to be effective against a number of viruses, including COVID-19, according to businessman Tamer Wagih. Will the Japanese air purifier serve as another hopeful investment? We’ve got you covered with some of the information about it!

During a telephone interview with “Al-Hekaya” TV program, Wagih told host Amr Adeeb that Egypt received the first batch of the Japanese air purifiers two days ago. Thus, becoming the first country in the world outside Japan to use them. The air purifier works by employing photocatalysis through using a titanium dioxide filter, which then inactivates the virus.

The device will be distributed directly to all governorates, Wagih said, adding that the group has contracted with a number of hospitals, banks, and companies to provide it. One suggestion to be followed regarding this device is to change the filter once every five years, and to clean every six months.

Where to be set

The device covers an area ranging from 30 to 40 square meters, and is suitable for banks, schools, and hospitals. It has been installed in malls and hotels in Japan, and Wagih pointed out that it has already been tested in a hospital in Egypt, where it was proven to be 100% effective. Al-Galaa Medical Complex for the Armed Forces is currently the first medical complex in the Middle East to use this device. Egypt has ordered 20,000 of these air purifiers, with 10,000 of them expected to arrive in the first batch of the deal, according to Wagih.

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