TikTok Wrap Hack: 10 Middle Eastern Ideas to Help You Join the Trend

Videos of wrap hacks have been circulating TikTok lately. It’s basically bread, cut in a specific way, with four ingredients, folded in a way that is easy and fast; it’s the TikTok Wrap Hack! Thousands of users have made their favorite sandwiches via video, and it’s definitely hunger-inducing.

Even Mohamed Hadid, the Palestinian businessman, has made himself a yummy, Middle East-inspired sandwich; watch for yourself and tell me us you didn’t get hungry!

For all food lovers out there, we are here to help you make yourself delicious wraps using accessible ingredients that are in every household. All you’ve got to do is get them ready, cut the bread, spread them, and fold away! Then for additional flavor, you can grill the sandwich in a pan with a touch of oil to make yourself a tasty, warm meal that’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As a matter of fact, you can even eat it as a snack. It’s great for everything!

Here are 10 delicious combinations you can easily prepare in your Arabic kitchen:
  1. Add some fries in one corner. Tahina sauce in another corner. Lettuce in a third corner, and finally, some peppers.
  2. Grilled chicken, garlic dip, mozzarella cheese, and for a bit of crunch, fries!
  3. Falafel, tomato, lettuce, and some mayonnaise to make your sandwich juicy.
  4. Cheese, tomato, cucumber, and more green, healthy ingredients like lettuce or arugula.
  5. Grilled liver, tahini, peppers, onions, and to spice things up even more, a dash of chili.
  6. Molasses, tahini, cream, and sesame – a sakalans in wrap form!
  7. Ful medames, tomato, onions, and peppers. Now that’s a breakfast sandwich no one can resist.
  8. For a filling sandwich, add roast beef, baba ghanoush, lettuce, and grilled eggplant.
  9. Sausage, spicy tomato sauce, and tahini sauce.
  10. Mixed cheese (mozarella, rumi, cream cheese, cheddar), tomato sauce, and mayonnaise. Make sure you grill this one!
Via Hello Magazine.

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