Things You Must Do in Cairo This Summer

With the hot boiling temperatures, and a sun that doesn’t quit from 5am to 8pm, summer in Cairo is a time of mass evacuation, for those of you who can afford coastal retreats. However, if you want to play around in the urban jungle during these hot months, you can still navigate and enjoy the city. Just make sure to follow these simple rules: tour as early as possible, try to avoid hot microbuses in the afternoon, and know exactly where the nearest pool is!

So, without further ado, here’s a list of fun things you can do around the city this summer.

Attend the Salah El Din Citadel’s music events

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Every year the Citadel hosts a summer music festival, featuring international and Egyptian musicians as well as performers from across the Arab region. The tickets are cheap for a country becoming ever more expensiv, a mere EGP 5 to enjoy the hilltop breeze and diverse gatherings. And most of these shows run late in the evening too!

Al-Azhar Park

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If you are looking for some shade and greenery, then Al-Azhar Park is just the place for you. The park features stunning views over the medieval parts of the city, especially the Citadel. There are plenty of trees and vegetation to shield you from the sun too. Despite being surrounded by some of Cairo’s most densely populated districts, it’s a surprisingly quiet and soothing place.

Khan el-Khalili

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There is no finer place to go shopping than the historic center of Islamic Cairo, Khan al-Kahlili! It’s not only incredibly rich with history with all its mosques and ancient arches. It’s also a bustling area with souvenir shops, restaurants, as well as street cafes.

Cool down with a shisha

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Egyptians like to cool down at the end of a hot and draining day with a nice flavored shisha. Most of the socializing during summertime happens when the sun goes down. You’ll notice the plastic chairs popping up on the sidewalks as the heat wears off, and the streets become more crowded with people. So grab achair and pick your favorite flavor to enjoy a very Cairene night.

Attend an open-air performance at Cairo Opera House

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Cairo Opera House is home to many of Egypt’s finest live performances, ranging from orchestras to theatrical productions. The opera’s schedule does take a break for a small period during the summer, so if you’re visiting Cairo soon you should grab your ticket for an evening music performance. And after enjoying the performance, I advise you to stroll over to the Qasr El Nil Bridge to enjoy a panoramic view of the Nile with a cool evening breeze.

Pick a pool, any pool!

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Since morning touring and evening socializing are key to getting through summer days in Cairo, it can be hard to find an afternoon activity that won’t leave you soaked in sweat and covered in dust. Luckily, Cairo is filled with hotels and sports clubs, so the best solution is to enjoy a slower afternoon and get yourself into a pool! Most of Cairo’s hotels have all-summer-long day-use deals so snatch a few during your stay in the capital.

WE SAID THIS: Summer will always be our favorite season no matter where we are!