Youssef El Sherif Teases Ramadan 2020 Series

Via Youssef El Sherif Facebook Page

Many might argue that this year’s Ramadan series race wasn’t the best. Most of the A-listers and top stars were missing this season. One superstar that we definitely missed this Ramadan is Youssef El Sherif, who undoubtedly has been winning Ramadan since God knows when!

We’ve also missed last year’s meme trend of “Chapeau Youssef El Sherif”, where social media users pointed out that the man will receive praise no matter what.

Although Ramadan might have just ended a few days ago, El Sherif has already teased us with a new series set to air NEXT Ramadan, and it has gone viral.

The series is named “The End” and will be set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Also, it’s giving people mad Avengers: Infinity War vibes. Since El Sherif appears as if he’s disappearing from the poster just the way people disappeared after Thanos snapped his fingers.

Here are some of the fans’ reactions!

Some pointed out it’s going to be like Avengers, while others argued that the poster looks like that of Maze Runner. Students who’ll be in thanaweya ‘ama next year are not sure how will they study because of the series! Another guy highlighted that this year’s stories were so predictable, unlike the mysterious series that El Sherif is known for doing. However, it seems like everyone is super excited for the ‘3allamy’ to return!

WE SAID THIS: Youssef El Sherif winning Ramadan 2020 is “inevitable”.

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