Save Egypt’s Water: This Page Is Raising Awareness of Egypt’s Impending Water Crisis

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The most vital resource that any country depends on is water. Access to clean water is not as easy nor guaranteed as people would like to believe, and it’s time to highlight the risk we’re putting ourselves through.

Save Egypt’s Water is a movement aiming to increase awareness among Egyptians about the water risks facing our country. According to the page, Cairo is among 11 cities that are expected to face Day Zero If you’re unfamiliar with what Day Zero is, here’s a brief.

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During the Cape Town Water Crisis, the city introduced the idea of Day Zero to focus everyone’s attention on managing water consumption as tightly as possible by cajoling water consumers into reducing usage. Day Zero was when most of the city’s taps were set to be switched off. During Day Zero, residents would have had to stand in line to collect 25 liters of water per person per day of however long the Day Zero “days” would last. The water was going to be sourced from the remaining supplies left in the dams.

The page sheds light on the crisis we’re about to face, points out the consequences, tackles the bad habits that waste water, and suggests how people can reduce their water consumption.

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