The National Council for Women Files a Complaint Against Tamer Amin for Misogynistic Comments

News broke out yesterday of the National Council for Women filing a formal complaint against Al-Nahar’s TV Presenter Tamer Amin for several comments he has made on his late night show “Akher Al-Nahar” while hosting Egyptian Parliament Member Dr. Layla Elwani.

Presenter Tamer Amin was interviewing Dr. Layla Elwani, who happens to be an obstetrician and a gynaecologist as well as an Olympic swimmer while serving a five-year term at the Egyptian Parliament, when he made several controversial remarks. A video of parts of the interview went viral and many accused Amin of being misogynistic.

The National Council for Women released an official statement on their Facebook page, stating that they have contacted the Council for Media Regulation to complain about the presenter’s choice of questions. The council believes that Amin’s comment conveyed sarcasm and belittling of the parliament member and her husband. His comments were described as lacking in both courtesy and respect.

The Council for Media Regulation scheduled a meeting with Amin today. The presenter argued that the clip on YouTube was taken out of context, and that all the questions on the episode were approved by Dr. Elwani prior to the interview. He then went on to assert his respect for Egyptian women, MP Elwani, and the National Council for Women.

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