The Most Glorious and on Point Events of Sahel 2019

This week marks the end of the most anticipated season of the year. The final days of summer have been anything but mundane, or even regular, for Egypt’s North Coast has managed to blow our minds on a weekly basis.

This year, Sahel was a little bit different. The line-up of artists was out of this world. Three new boutique hotels that redefined the word fancy launched. The workout venues across the coast catered to every athlete’s needs. Egypt definitely managed to turn Sahel into one of the hottest summer destinations in MENA.

I actually tried to attend every single event because I have a serious fear of missing out that gets worse every year. Alas, after you hit the 30’s, there’s only so much your knees and back can handle.

Here is a list of the most glorious, on point, epic, fun, ground-shaking, breath-taking and unnecessarily over-the-top events that I’ve loved this summer:


Hands down the best party I’ve been to this year. This is definitely not what I expected, considering the fact that this is not my favorite music genre. I’m more of a Justin Timberlake person than Solomun, but this man knows how to stun a crowd.

Thousands of people attended the event organized by ByGanz Extraordinare. There was this memorable moment where the whole venue went completely dark and you could only see the dj with a halo of light. At that exact second, the crowd looked as if it was under a spell.

Via ByGanz Extraordinaire

ByGanz Extraordinare brought us Tale of Us and blondish, which were also unforgettable and extremely entertaining. However, Solomun for the win.

Jennifer Lopez

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Another event that I did not expect to be that well-organized or to be listed as one of my favorite events of 2019. You would think that people would rush to see JLo live, yet many were worried about the crowd and the venue being packed and unorganized, but it was a major success.

Starting from the Uber buses transporting you to the show, the smooth entry and pre-show djs, everything was perfect until the Latina queen hit the stage and wowed us with her earth-shaking figure.

Family and Friends at Almaza Bay

We thought the signature Saturday nights by The Lemon Tree and Co. were over, only to be pushed to the verge of insanity at Almaza Bay. This was not your average Almaza Bay festival, the team literally built a remote city, completely abandoned from any signs of civilization – except for electricity obviously – and it’s just you and an insane line-up of 22 international and local djs. Epic stuff!

Shorelines at Almaza Bay

Another festival that wowed the crowd was Shorelines, brought to us by those who can never go wrong: Nacelle. The event was different than last year’s. It was basically a list of impressive live bands including Jungle and Frank Moody. DJ Aly Geode took over the decks till dawn. I am forever a Nacelle fan.


Garnering huge popularity in a very short time, ADHD events were the talk of the summer. Just the fact that they are one of the few people who play hip hop on a regular basis made everyone fall in love with them.

Don’t be fooled by their love for commercial music. Danish / Egyptian DJ, singer and producer Ashibah knew how to turn their crowd wild with her electronic beats.

Seacode Beachclub

The venue is not necessarily my favorite. My major concern is the construction workers sitting right in front of the entrance waiting for women to pass by. It is very unsettling. However, the venue did host some impressive DJs this year including Martinez brothers, Peggy Gou and Marco Carolo.


Yes, this is not a party, but I just have to give it up for the gym’s marketing team. I don’t know how they managed to become the most-talked about sports venue in Sahel this year, when workout tycoons like Gold’s Gym and Aly Mazhar were just around the corner.

Every single trainer in the city who matters gave a class there. I’m talking Karim El-Nokaly, Auf, Sara Taha, Mai Daw, Coach Yassin, Rowana Badry and two international fitness influencers Evolve nation and Salbroutine and so many more. How is that even possible? Jinxing aside, how much did this launch campaign cost?

Obviously it was worth every cent as it is the best workout venue in the country.

WE SAID THIS: Thank you Sahel for always giving us what we need.