Sahel’s Best Workout Venues This Year

Summer is upon us and staying in shape is no joke to any fitness guru. If you regulary workout in Cairo or Alex, leaving your home for a fun weekend in Sahel and breaking your routine might sound troubling.

You don’t need to worry this year about all the zalabia and feteer you’ll be devouring for the North Coast has got you covered. There are multiple workout venues across the coast with different training programs and budgets. Just find what works for your body.

Here are the top venues that will keep you fit and toned this summer:

La7 Gym and TD Athletics at Seashell

Via Yehiazak

This must be the most entertaining workout spot in Sahel this year. La7 turned into a jungle this summer and will feature training sessions by TD Athletics. Everyone – residents and non-residents – has access to the jungle-themed gym. If you are more into group trainings, TD Athletics’ classes schedule will be announced soon.

Idea at Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman

Although packages are extremely overpriced compared to well-accomplished training programs with trainers such as Aly Mazhar, Karim El-Nokaly and Auf, Idea is a convenient alternative for Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman residents who do not want to drive. The venue has body pump, core and abs, cardio, and aerobics classes, in addition to dance sessions that run throughout the week starting 10:30 AM on weekdays and 11 AM on weekends.

BeFit 360 at Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White

Via BeFit 360

BeFit 360 will offer you a high-intensity workout that involves a lot of cardio and will leave you sweating profusely. Join Hacienda Bay classes at 11 AM daily. Hacienda White’s schedule will be announced soon.

Move Egypt at Telal and Marassi

Move Egypt is coming to two venues this summer: Telal and Marassi. If you’re following Move on Instagram or most influencers for that matter, you will know that they take sweating and body transformation seriously. Famous for their weight-shedding program Remove, you can join them daily at 11 AM.

Stamina Sports and Fitness at Diplo Sidi Abdel Rahman

Via Stamina Sports and Fitness

Stamina Sports and Fitness is by far the most comprehensive workout space in Sahel. You can join one of their versatile programs including high intensity training, swimming, running, yoga, or cycling.

Gold’s Gym at La Vista Bay, La Vista Cascada and Marassi

If you’re not into classes and prefer solo training, you can find gyms across the coast. Gold’s Gym has three branches in Sahel this year. As for the Marassi branch, my only issue is that you cannot enter the gym if you are not a Marassi resident, even if you have a gym membership from another branch.

Hacienda Bay Club House Gym

Via Mens Health

Another gym that requires residency at Hacienda Bay, however you will be granted access if you have an invite.

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