Best Summer Programs for Kids in Sahel This Year

School days and lunch box sagas have come to an end. Unfortunately, that means our little ones are storing endless energy in their tiny bodies, and every parent out there knows how this ends if they don’t leave the house.

Kids and teens need a healthy outlet this summer that will help build their characters, boost their self-esteems, improve their physical health, and nourish their creativity. While there are hundreds of summer camps and programs taking place in Cairo, the available options in Sahel are quite scarce.

Here is a list of summer programs your child can join in Egypt’s North Coast:

Adamantium Egypt

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ADAMANTIUM is a Transformation Program designed for teenagers where our main directive is to help them shed off the skin of childhood and prevail as strong, resilient young men and ladies. Designed by sports and CBT professionals, this program incorporates high intensity physical training with cognitive behavioral applications. Mentor-ship is performed on a friendly basis to help our athletes build their personality and acquire the necessary advice to advance their life skills past through any problems they might face presently or in the future in a neutral, safe environment. Unbreakable is what they will become. Sessions run 3 times a week. Each session is for 75 Minutes of M&B (Mind and Body) that will feature a workout and a specially designed discussion and/or group activity that is intricately designed by a team of professionals to address the most pressing life problems our athletes are struggling with whilst receiving the necessary guidance and practical advice from their well-seasoned mentors. Throughout the program, our athletes will be ascending the ladder of athletic hardship. In due time, our athletes’ performance will be appraised and will be adequately promoted to a subsequent level of intensity. At the end of the program, our young athletes will be competing in The Unbreakable Challenge; where their newly acquired skills and training will be put to the test through a series of physical and mental games. Visit our Website to Learn More About Us: Register on: . . . . . #crossfit #fitness #motivation #teens #mindandbody #workout #hiit #strong #muscles #adamantium

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Based on my own personal experience, Adamantium is a one-of-a-kind training program for teens and children. Not only does it work on enhancing physical strength and mastering CrossFit techniques but offers cognitive behavioral therapy too. This is achieved through subtle conversations that enable teens to consciously process the thoughts they have about themselves while demonstarting means to overcome weaknesses.

The New Cairo program is moving to Sidi Abdel Rahman this summer. Classes will run for 75 minutes that will be divided into an initial workout followed by a group discussion that addresses the most pressing life problems athletes are struggling with. For registration, contact Adamantium here.

Brazilian Samba Academy

Brazilian Samba Academy

The academy will be operating from the 21st of June at Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman. It offers three programs: Beach soccer and mixed martial arts academies suitable for boys and girls, in addition to a cheerleading academy for girls. For registration, contact Brazilian Samba Academy here.

Almaza Bay Camp by Les Elfes

Les Elfes is not messing around when it comes to delivering the optimum experience. Swiss-trained counselors from Les Elfes International will be coaching your kids at Almaza Bay. The program will start on the 7th of July till the 11th of August. It will include indoor and outdoor sports and activities such as water games, sports, cooking, and sleepover camping, For registration, contact Almaza Bay Camp here.

Surf Camp Egypt

Who said summer programs are only for kids? You can join in and take a comprehensive surfing course with your little ones in Hacienda and Stella Sidi Abdel Rahman. For registration, contact Surf Camp Egypt here.

Leap Camps Egypt

Leap Camps offer a sleepover experience at Mountain View, Ras El-Hekma. The camp is suitable for children from eight to 13 years old. The four-week program will start on the 8th of July and will run till the 8th of August. For registration, contact Leap Camps here.

Sane Egypt

Sane will be coming to Sahel this year but the exact location has not been announced yet. However, it will start at the beginning of July and run all summer long. The program will include water games and arts and crafts. For registration, contact Sane Egypt here.

Early Years Company

Planting, yoga, cooking, treasure hunting, and so many more activities that your kids can enjoy can be found at Marassi’s clubhouse. Suitable for four to nine-year-olds, and your toddler is welcome to tag along too. The camp offers afternoon sessions as well from 3 to 7 pm. For registration, contact Early Years Company here.

T.B.S Baking Junior

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Last year, The Bakery Shop took our little ones under their baking wings and it was a blast. I’ve come across a few interns in Sahel and they understood what it means to have a job at a very young age.

This year, the bakery’s Sahel branches at Telal and Diplo will be hiring 10 to 16-year-old teens where they get to bake, sell and make friends. All you need to do is post an Instagram video explaining why you should join their program and tag T.B.S.

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