Egyptian Artist Brings Folk Tales to Life With Breathtaking Art

Via Akhbar Al-Adab.

Since the dawn of civilization, we humans have learned to talk and tell tales about almost anything. Some of these stories were lost to time, others grew to become a part of something bigger, an everlasting epic such as the stories of Gilgamesh or Beowulf. Here in Egypt, we have our fair share of tales, myths, and legends, and one artist is bringing them to life through art.

Egyptian artist Mohamd Monaiseer has found a way to give form to immaterial concepts with art. The 30-year-old expressionist draws inspiration from mystical concepts such as alchemy, metaphysics, and oral histories. 

In his latest project, “In Taxidermy Dreams”, elements of repetition are almost always found in his work, with words or figures multiplied and reproduced over and over to the point of obsession. For backgrounds, Monaiseer uses a papyrus-like form of fabric that adds more to his enigmatic way of rewriting a story. The sole purpose of his art is to explore human consciousness and spirit.

Via Ahram.

Monaiseer graduated from Cairo University with a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Arts and is currently studying a Master’s degree in fine arts. He has held many exhibitions throughout Cairo in numerous art spaces such as Townhouse Gallery, Palace of the Arts, and many more. Furthermore, the works of this visual storyteller were featured in a group exhibition in Stockholm and a traveling exhibition in Europe and the US.

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