This Cairo-based Photographer Will Make You Fall in Love With the Details

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At a time when high-definition cameras are more ubiquitous than ever before, finding pure talent is hard. The matter of the fact is that despite their widespread appeal, DSLRs and HD phone cameras do not guarantee good photography. It takes talent, time, experience, and artistic tendencies to capture a moment of the human experience. One of the best photographers doing this right now is Mohamed Turky.

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Raw talent refined through years of experience, that is what this Cairo-based photographer is all about. With photographs seemingly taken out of a Hollywood scene, his work speaks volumes thanks to his extreme attention to detail and ability to make each snap really pop out.

Turky’s passion for photography started with an interest in people’s faces and their different expressions. Fashion has also been a factor in his love for his craft and so, when he got the chance, he gravitated towards portraiture and fashion photography.

Each picture is so embellished with detail it tells its own story. In his portrait photography, he focuses on the subject’s distinguishing characteristics and accentuates them. While in fashion, his love for the tiniest and most tedious of details make each outfit one of a kind. Even the same one looks different in each shot.

Here’s just a small example of Turky’s colorful, imposing photographs, and they’re sure to catch your eye and keep you looking for the next few minutes.

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