The Best Target Deals on Black Friday 2020

Over the past few years, Black Friday has gradually moved online. Consumers increasingly prefer to order online instead of crowding at the checkout desks in real stores. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the refusal from offline purchases is becoming the norm. At the same time, the delivery sphere is actively developing, and a variety of options appear – from self-pickup to specialized courier services.

At Target, Black Friday will also mostly move to the Internet and continue for a whole month. Meanwhile, if you prefer visiting the real stores, all kinds of security measures will be taken – from limiting the number of customers to actively promoting mobile payments. So, let’s take a closer look at the best Target deals and find out which delivery services you can use to bring the goods directly to your place.

Before opening the website and add random products to the cart, we recommend making your shopping list and checking the Target Black Friday ad 2020 that is already posted. You can get discounts throughout November, but despite the early deals, big retailers like Target keep the most compelling sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Discounts on certain products of the Target chain are already in effect. Every week of November, there will be Black Friday sales in different regions. Every Thursday, starting from November 12th, Target will be announcing promotions. Here are the categories for which you will get the best deals:

  • Electronics (TVs, smartwatches, headphones, smartphones, etc.) – the retailer has already announced discounts of 30-50% off;
  • Women, men, and kid’s clothing (thousands of items on sale from $4);
  • Beauty and personal care (hairdryers, toothbrushes, hair wavers, etc.) – large discounts starting from 40% off;
  • Home (bedding, home décor, mattresses, pillows, etc.) – many unique items made for Target at large discounts;
  • Pets (dog beds, food, pets’ care items, etc.) – take your time to choose something at discount for your animal friends.

Finally, the retailer provides customers with the price match opportunity, so this is a guarantee of 100% profitable deals.

Delivery Options Available for Customers

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, almost 51% of shoppers are afraid of visiting real stores and are more likely to shop online. But the main thing here is not how the purchases will be made, but the fact that Black Friday turns into an event that will last several weeks. In this regard, it is recommended to find the cheapest food delivery service that will bring your goods directly to your house.

If you plan to do shopping in Target, you can take advantage of the free pickup service or order the delivery via Shipt:

1)     Free Pickup

Free pickup service provides customers with the opportunity to order goods online via the Target app and pick up their packages on the way home at the nearest available store location. For now, this option is available for the citizens of 10 US states, i.e., Iowa, Illinois, Utah, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Indiana, and Kansas. The customers are allowed to order dairy and bakery goods, frozen products, meat, and fish. The whole procedure will take you up to two hours.

2)     Shipt Delivery

The Target chain cooperated with Shipt to arrange the same-day delivery from its stores to your place of residence. A personal courier from the company takes your order and makes shopping for you while you are staying at home. The delivery is done within several hours or the exact working day. The courier brings your order to your door or to any location suitable for you.

If you regularly do shopping in Target, you can pay the membership fee and arrange your delivery in advance. If you don’t want to pay for a membership, you can just pay per order.

In Conclusion

Due to the pandemic, retailers are forced to change the usual way of conducting sales on Black Friday. So, these sales will not be held only on November 27 but will be distributed throughout the month to avoid crowds in real stores. Another important preventive measure is the disinfection of carts, social distancing, and wearing masks. However, you can always do shopping online and avoid the risks of infection. 

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