Tara Emad Tells Us All About Modeling for H&M’s Spring Campaign

Via Tara Emad

Remember that cute Sparkle ad model who dreamt of going big on every red carpet out there? Well, Tara Emad is right now the poster child of the Dream Big campaign.

Model/Actress, Tara Emad, announced her latest campaign for H&M’s spring collection and models across the Middle East are feeling hopeful for the first time.

“This all started after I sent my portfolio to multiple agencies and I got a call from a Swedish agency that I have been chosen by H&M to represent Egypt and the Middle East for their sustainability campaign,” Tara told us.

The spring collection represents the ultimate 2019 trend which is a huge shift towards a greener existence, minimizing plastic consumption and sustainability.

“For this campaign, H&M collaborated with a company so everything is made out of recycled material as threads, buttons, and zippers. Everyone involved in the campaign has a background on recycling in their day-to-day life,” the model added.

The now international model went on to explain that her way of giving back to the planet is either by donating clothes, making minor changes to her outfits for a fresher look, or supporting brands that promote sustainable living.


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