The Middle East’s Largest Aquarium Opens in Oman, Muscat

Oman’s stealing the spotlight from Dubai and Qatar, introducing the largest aquarium in the Middle East! Far from your average fish tank, it’s so huge; it spans over three floors, covering 8,000 sqm. It’s located in the 200,000 sqm Grand Mall of Muscat, featuring many restaurants, a snow park, and the breathtaking aquarium according to  Attractions Management.

The aquarium will home over 30,000 of marine species, including sharks, crocodiles, and penguins. The many tanks will also feature local species from the surrounding seas. The project was created for educational and entertainment purposes, highlighting the underwater jungle to the visitors. 

Via attractionsmanagement

Fitting in with Oman’s natural preserved parks, the 1.8 million liters of water has been an anticipated project in the country. The exciting walk through underwater glass tunnel mimics first-hand diving experiences and various tanks offer hands-on exploration. Anticipators can finally come and see the 1,000+ species of fish, as the aquarium officially opens its doors.

Via attractionsmanagement

The attraction is a chill walk-through experience occupied with relaxing lounges and ending with a themed gift shop. All eyes are on Oman, and naturally, this will positively boost the tourism and the region’s traffic. 


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