A Star Among Us: Laila Sedky


Laila Sedky, a young lady who lives in a world of cupcakes. However, it’s not what you think. She was the one who brought the business of cupcakes to life with Egypt’s NOLA Cupcakes.


Introduce yourself.

Laila Sedky, Entrepreneur and Founder of NOLA Cupcakes, 26 years old and (passionately) a Cairene.


What inspired you to be the person you are today?

My passion for creating food and living within an atmosphere of a very successful father.


Define success.

To dream and work hard to making your dream come true.


Share with us the best piece of advice ever given to you.

Without passion NOTHING can be achieved.


What motivates you?

Competition, in a positive way.


Tell us a common misconception that people have about what you do.

That creating cupcakes is a piece of cake.


Mistakes are…

Mistakes are a learning experience.


Three random things about yourself…

I love fashion, specifically shoes, dogs and creative food.


You’ll know you’ve made it when…

I’ll know I’ve made it when I reach my target, although with me, its always a moving target.


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