Stake; Dubai-Based Fintech Startup Allows Investors to Enter Property Game With Just AED 2,000

In the UAE, it’s usually not one single sector that is booming because most sectors are continuously working to advance and flourish, supporting the economy in different ways. Led by Rami Tabbarra and Manar Mahmassani, Stake is a new real estate fintech startup, based in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)’s FinTech Hive. The startup, which is a digital social-investment platform, allows investors to buy shares in a property in Dubai and earn regular returns in the form of quarterly dividends.

Investment is usually the business of wealthy people since it requires a huge capital. With Stake, investors get the opportunity to hop on the property ladder and buy stakes in pre-vetted residential properties from as little as AED 2,000 ($544). Each investor receives shares in a company that is ideally proportional to their ownership in the property.

While it’s currently focused on residential buildings and properties in some of the city’s most distinctive locations like Dubai Marina and Business Bay, Stake aims to be the preferred investment platform of choice for local, regional, and international investors in Dubai’s real estate market. The startup also plans on expanding outside Dubai in the future.

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