Here’s How the New COVID-19 Strain is Impacting the Middle East

Just when we thought that we’re slowly starting to recover from the pandemic, a new COVID-19 strain emerged to insert fear in our hearts again. It definitely took us all by surprise when we first heard the news, apparently, the strain initially turned up outside of Britain, with the government’s scientists predicting it’s 70% more transmittable, but they can’t yet guarantee if it’s more dangerous, or whether it’s going to influence the effectiveness of the new vaccine or not. The only thing we’re sure of is there’s no change to the public health guidance; we should continue to wear masks, follow social distance measures, and wash hands… etc.

UK’s southeast is now under lockdown with other European countries implementing strict safety measures. More than 30 countries, including Hong Kong, India, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman, have banned all arrivals from the U.K.

Yesterday, the Middle East took its first step in containing the spread of the new mutant virus, when Saudi Arabia, as well as Kuwait and Oman, decided to close all of their borders and international flights. So, in light of the current circumstances, we wanted to take a deeper look into our region’s latest coronavirus data. Scroll down to see where your country stands.


According to Iraq’s Ministry of Health, Iraq has recorded 585, 345 coronavirus cases, 12,710 deaths, and 522,637 recoveries.


According to the Prime Minister of Jordan coronavirus record, it stated 277,448 coronavirus cases, 3,604 deaths, and 246,168 recoveries.


Lebanon has so far recorded 159,286 coronavirus cases, 1,294 deaths, and 113,948 recoveries- based on Lebanon’s Ministry of Health.


The state of Palestine has recorded 125,506 coronavirus cases, 1,198 deaths, and 101,355 recoveries so far, based on Palestine’s corona meter.


Kuwait, on the other hand, has recorded 148,209 cases, 922 deaths, and 144,142 recoveries, that’s based on the country’s Ministry of Health official account on Twitter.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

According to Wolrd Meters, KSA has recorded 361,178 cases, 6,131 deaths, and 352,089 recoveries.


According to the UAE’s National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority, there are 195,878 cases, 642 deaths, and 171,451 recoveries.


Qatar has so far recorded 142,308 total infected people, 243 deaths, and 140,129 recoveries according to the government Ministry of Health.


Yemen has recorded 2,087 cases, 606 deaths, and 1,384 recoveries according to the country’s Ministry of Health official Twitter account.


Oman has a total of 128,143 coronavirus cases so far, 1,490 deaths, and 119,945 recoveries, according to the country’s official Twitter account.


Egypt has recorded so far 126,273 coronavirus cases, 7,130 deaths, and 107,162 recoveries, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.


Morocco’s Ministry of Health also issued its latest coronavirus record which stated 418,002 corona cases, 7,000 deaths, and 380,134 recoveries.


Tunis has recorded 121,718 cases, 4,199 deaths, and 95,025 recoveries, according to the country’s Ministry of Health.

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