SCENE7 Might Just Be the Ultimate Family Destination in the New Capital!

There is no doubt that the New Cairo Capital will be the place to be and invest in a brighter future. It will help strengthen and diversify the country’s economic potential by creating new places to live, work, and visit. As families are looking to move to the New Capital, one appealing destination stands out, Akam Development’s SCENE7.

SCENE7 isn’t only standing out because it’s a mega project by one of the leading companies that contribute to the success of the real estate sector, and one of the fastest-growing real estate developers in the Middle East. But the delicate, dynamic, and beautiful destination adds value with some solid key selling points that will make its residents’ lives much easier and more pleasant.

The new development doesn’t only promise to be as green and soothing as possible, but it also has all the core facilities that guarantee a happy and dynamic life between an integrated community, with a swimming pool, main pedestrian jogging track, a clubhouse, gorgeous water features, and more!

However, the most unique thing about the destination is that it’s the first residential-sports project with 11 sports academies. Imagine how your quality of life could improve if all members of a family can do the sport they are passionate about without wasting hours of going back and forth between training. SCENE7’s Sports Zone will feature Egypt’s top academies in all sports and all within walking distance from home. They’re also installing CCTV cameras throughout for parents to monitor their kids during practice remotely, giving them time to relax and focus on themselves.

These academies include Juventus Academy, Winners Tennis Academy, HIT Academy, SZ Basketball Academy, El Borolossy Squash Academy, Adams Dance Studio, Archery HUB, Spark Handball Academy, Boost Swimming Academy, and Go Padel! And these are all in addition to the sports facilities in the core zone, guaranteeing that each family is giving their children an opportunity to be fit, spirited, and find their passion in life.

There is no doubt that Akam Developments succeeded in creating the dream of a functionally integrated complex that will add a new perspective to the New Capital. If we’re talking about adding value to the market and living in a safe haven that elevates one’s lifestyle and quality of living, SCENE7 is the place to be!

WE SAID THIS: By all means, SCENE7 is definitely the ideal destination for all families in the New Capital!