Spa Review: More Than Just a Massage – A Spiritual Experience



With all the stress and negativity life imposes on your body, mind and soul, your day can become so draining and exhausting that all you need is some sense of redirection to keep going. When we heard that Vital Integral Therapy, which involves non-traditional natural medicine sessions, was being held at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa Nile Plaza, we literally jumped at the opportunity since it is the first time we’ve heard of it in Egypt.

Vital Integral Therapy is based on natural and scientific techniques with the main purpose of re-establishing your energy as nature intended. It is a healing session that features a mix of aromatherapy, reflexology, crystal healing and natural herbs performed by a wellness therapist to take you on a physical, mental and spiritual healing journey.

We started our 90-minute session by filling out a questionnaire covering every stressful daily habit and physical aspect of our bodies. After consulting with our therapist about our worries and needs, the customized session started with placing healing crystals on the corresponding chakras — the seven centers of spiritual power in the body — to identify and eliminate any blockage of energy and consequently aligning them and re-directing our energies to restore mental clarity. The aromatherapy massage that followed, in addition to inhaling the surrounding therapeutic essential oils of the spa, altered our mood immediately.




The action started with the reflexology treatment, where reflex points on our feet, hands, and head that link to other parts of the body were intensely massaged, getting rid of toxins and boosting our energy. Our minds were blown after the session ended; we felt clarity, peace and balance.

The experience did not stop at physical and mental healing; our therapist discussed how certain parts of our bodies and chakras had been healed of unwanted energy, however due to our extreme stressful living situation, we tend to keep it all in without letting our real emotions show, which can be very detrimental to our bodies. The whole experience was very spiritual for me; I felt in touch with my present feelings and felt more able to handle my situation and strive to reach equilibrium in all aspects of life. We definitely need our second session soon!

Vital Integral Therapy sessions will be exclusively available at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Spa starting from Nov. 26 to Dec. 5. You can enjoy a 60 minute or 90 minute session, yet according to the wellness therapists, every client should try the 90 minute session as it includes a longer consultation. A minimum of two sessions within the same week is recommended. To be one of the first to experience this treatment, contact the spa at the Four Seasons Cairo Nile Plaza on +202-2791-7030 or



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